What is the Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Women?

To make training more effective for women, a heart rate monitor designed for them is a nice addition. This will help improve their work out sessions and maximize their physical potential August Berg.

If you want to harness your workout schemes get a monitor watch. The following are some monitors for women with awesome features:

Mio Breeze Petite Women’s Monitor Watch
The design is very fitting for women. This one comes with just a watch alone and no chest straps. It measures the rate of your heart through ECG technology. This way, it is still accurate even though it lacks the cumbersome chest strap. This should come as good news for women.

It still comes with other watch functions such as a time and an alarm. On top of that, you can change the watch band for the fashion conscious in you.

Polar F11 Pink Fizz Monitor for Cardio and Weight Loss.
Pink is definitely a good color for women. But it has the spiffy features you will most likely salivate over. It accurately measures the rate of your heart through its ECG system. On top of that, it has OwnIndex feature that tracks down your progress. It will tell how much you have improved. The OwnCal feature tracks how much calories you have burned so you will have better chances of losing some more weight.

GARMIN Sports Watch w/ HRM for Women
It is first of all a sports watch but it also doubles as a monitor. It can accurately measure your heart rate and how much calories you have burned. What is great about this is that you can pair it up with a foot pod. A suggested model is the FR60. This will help you keep track of your speed and distance while you are running. Also, it enables wireless transmission of data to your home computer so you can better track your progress.